We Are Sending You Some Heads Of Grain Which Was Grown In This County

The land was planted with an imported Australian wheat, which we believe

the smaller heads to be, but the wheat is about evenly mired with grain

like the large heads, which we think to be a species of barley.

The grain is an old, coarse, bearded wheat which is continually

appearing in fields of ordinary grain and naturally excites interest

among all to whom the variety is a novelty. It is the old seven-headed

Egyptian wheat, which has never proved of any cultural value, because

its manifolding of the head is of no advantage. It is better to have a

straight well-filled head than to have a branching head of this kind.

This matter has been fully demonstrated by experience during the last

thirty or forty years, not only in this State, but in other States, for

the variety has a way of getting around the world, and seed has

sometimes been sold at exorbitant prices to people who have been

persuaded that it is of particular value.

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