Wants Us To Do The Whole Thing

Can you help, me to determine a good product to plant somewhere in

California; also what particular section would be most suitable for the

raising of that which you would advise? I wish a crop of permanent

nature (as orchard trees). I also desire advice on some product which

would give a quick return while I am waiting on the more permanent one

to mature and bear. I have not procured land yet, and am thinking

seriously of trying to get government land, therefore, you are free to

give me the best location for the raising of that which you would,

suggest. I want a money-making product and one which is not already


The choice of crops depends quite as much upon the market demand and

opportunity as it does upon the suitability of the soil and local

climate. Choice of crops indeed involves almost the whole business of

farming, and although we can sometimes give a man useful suggestions as

to the growth of plants and the protection of plants from enemies, we

cannot undertake to plan his farming business for him. He must form his

own opinions as to what will be most marketable, and therefore

profitable, if he succeeds in getting a good article for sale. A wise

man at the East once said: "You can advise a man to do almost anything.

You can even select a wife for him, but never commit the indiscretion of

advising him what to grow to make money. That is a matter he has to

determine for himself."

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