Under-pruning Of Orange Trees

My Washington Navels have a very heavy crop on the lower limbs, as is

usual. These branches are so low down that many of the oranges lie on

the ground, and it takes a good deal of time to prop them up so that

they will not touch the ground. What would be the result of pruning off

these low branches, after the fruit is off? Will the same amount of

fruit be produced by the fruit growing on the limbs higher up?

Certainly, raise the branches of the orange trees by removing the lowest

branches or parts of branches which reach to the ground. A little later

others will sag down and this under-pruning will have to be continuous.

It would be better to do this than to undertake any radical removal of

the lower branches. The progressive removal as becomes necessary will

not appreciably reduce the fruiting and will be in many ways desirable.

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