Two Legumes In A Year

I have land on which I wish to plant to fruits, and I wish to build up

the soil all I can, by planting cover crops and plowing under. What

would be the best to plant this fall, to be plowed under next spring,

and to plant again next spring to plow under in the fall? I will not be

able to plant any trees before next fall or the following spring.

Get in vetches as soon as the ground is in shape in the fall. Plow them

under early in the spring and close the covering and compact the green

stuff by running a straight disk over the ground after plowing. This

will help decay and save moisture. Follow with cow peas as soon as you

are out of the frost, disking in the seed so as not to disturb the stuff

previously covered in. Do not wait to put under the winter growth until

it is safe to put on the cowpeas, for, if you do, you will lose so much

moisture that the cowpeas will not amount to much.

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