Treatment For Nail Puncture

Our horse got a nail in his foot. It was a wire nail, rusty, entering

about one inch from the point of the frog, and just puncturing far

enough to reach a sensitive part of the hoof. It occurred six days ago;

the nail was pulled at once, the hoof cut open, and thoroughly cleaned

with turpentine (the first thing we could get), then later filled with

iodine. Since then I have kept on a flaxseed poultice.

The treatment with turpentine and iodine was proper and should prove a

success. If the foot becomes tender and inflamed, it will be because all

dirt was not removed from the wound, and the poultice should be taken

off, all foreign matter removed from the wound, and the treatment

repeated. In case of similar accidents, other disinfectants could be

used in place of turpentine or iodine.

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