Top Grafting

In grafting over apple and pear trees to some other variety, is it

advisable to cut off and graft the entire tree the first year where the

trees are from 7 to 15 years old, or would it be better to cut off only

a part of the top the first year and the rest the following year?

In the coast region it is a good practice to graft over the whole tree

at one time, cutting, however, above the forks and not into the main

stem below the forking. This gives many scions which seem able to take

care of the sap successfully. In the interior valleys, it is rather

better practice to leave a branch or two, cutting them out at the

following winter's pruning, for probably the first year's grafts will

give you branches enough. This has the effect of preventing the drowning

out of the scions from too strong sap-flow. Cutting back and regrafting

of old trees should be done rather early, before the most active

sap-flow begins. The later in the season the grafting is done, and the

warmer the locality, the more desirable it seems to be to leave a branch

or two when grafting.

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