To Destroy Fleas

My barn, is full, of fleas I tried to destroy them by using creso-dip,

but did not kill them, all.

Fleas can only be permanently checked by destroying their breeding

places which are in the dust! and dirt that accumulate in cracks and

corners around barns, sheds and dwellings. Follow the cleaning up with a

thorough distribution of flake naphthalene. This is most effective where

the stable or room can be closed tight for half a day, or even 24 hours;

An ingenious suggestion is made that if a sheep can be let run in and

around the buildings where the fleas breed, they will soon be less

numerous and as new batches hatch out the sheep will soon get them

picked up, and after a while the place will be entirely free of them.

But the sheep must be allowed to run all around the sheds and breeding

places, as the flea jumps up, gets into the wool, and can never get out

again. A hog can also be used as a flea trap. One reader says: Pour a

little of the crude oil on the hogs' heads and along their backs, about

a gill on each hog; This would run down the sides of the hogs and kill

all the fleas on them. The oil also remains on the hogs for several

days, and all the fleas that jump on the hogs from the ground stick fast

and never jump off again. In about three weeks the fleas all disappear

and the hogs look fine and sleek from the use of the oil.

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