The Outlook For Broom Corn

Broom corn is way up in price, but that is an indication that everyone

who has ever grown broom corn is likely to plant it this year. What is

the outlook in California?

Nothing but a local experiment will determine whether you can get a

satisfactory brush under the conditions prevailing in your vicinity.

Undoubtedly, the high price of broom corn will stimulate production, but

under quite sharp limitations in California, because a good,

satisfactory brush cannot be grown on dry plains, although a good

product is made in the river bottoms not far away. But there are so few

people in California who understand how to handle broom corn to produce

a good commercial article, and there are such rigid requirements in the

size, quality, etc., that those who break into the business without

proper knowledge cannot command even profitable prices. Therefore, if

your enterprise is conducted with a full knowledge and with proper local

conditions it would not encounter such a local disadvantage in the great

increase of the product as one might think at first.

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