The Old Policy Of Clean Winter Cultivation Has Been Largely Abandoned

Nearly everyone is trying to grow something green during the rainy

season to plow under toward the end of it. Even those who do not sow

legumes for this purpose are plowing under as good a weed cover as they

can get. This improves the soil both in plant food and in friability,

which promotes summer pulverization and saves moisture from summer

evaporation. Much less early plowing is done than formerly unless it be

shallow to get in the seed for the cover crop; the deeper plowing being

done to put it under. Guano can be applied earlier in the winter than

nitrate, which can be turned in with the cover crop, while the former

may be sown with the seed to promote the winter growth. Whether you are

losing your nitrate or not the chemist might determine for you by

before-and-after analyses. If you are a good observer you may detect

loss by absence of the effects you desire to secure.

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