The June Drop

I am sending four peaches which are falling off the trees. Can you tell

me how to prevent falling of the fruit next year and what causes it?

It is impossible to tell from the peaches which you send what caused

their falling. Where fruit passes the pollination stage successfully, as

these fruits have, the dropping is generally attributed to some

conditions affecting the growth of the tree, which never have been fully

determined. It is of such frequent occurrence that it is called the June

drop, and it usually takes place in May in California. As the cause is

not understood no rational preventive has been reached. A general

treatment which consists in keeping the trees in good growing condition

late enough during the previous season, that is, by seeing to it that

they do not suffer from lack of moisture which causes them to close

their growing season too soon before preparation for the following

year's crop is made, is probably the best way to strengthen the tree for

its burden.

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