The Fineness Of Limestone

Experiments at the Pennsylvania experiment

station have shown that limestone has practically immediate

availability in an acid soil if all of it has ability to pass through a

screen having 60 meshes to the linear inch. Much of the limestone

meeting this test doubtless is fine enough to pass through an 100-mesh

screen. The requirement that a 60-mesh screen be used in testing is a

satisfactory one to the buyer that wants immediate results in the

field. A coarser product must be used in larger amount per acre, as

only the fine particles are available at once, and the object of the

application is to correct all the acidity. Where a coarse product,

containing some fine particles, can be used at such a low price per ton

that the application may consist of a large number of tons per acre,

the practice may be commended, but the essential thing is immediate

results, and only finely divided limestone can give them. Any long

railway or wagon haul makes a heavy application of coarsely pulverized

limestone inexpedient.

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