Sweet Potatoes Between Fruit Trees

I am expecting to grow a fall crop of about twenty acres of sweet

potatoes. The land is a heavy, sandy loam in the interior, which has

been set out this spring to almonds, apricots and prunes. I wish to grow

sweet potatoes between trees. Would an irrigation every forty days be

often enough? Also, if either sweet or Irish potatoes grown between rows

are harmful to either of the varieties of fruit mentioned?

We see no reason why you should not get your crop, providing you do not

have to run the plants into the frosty period, and sweet potatoes will

not, of course, stand frost as well as the common potato. The moisture

which you propose to give ought to be enough for a retentive soil in

connection with good cultivation until the vines cover the ground.

Growing any crop between orchard trees is apt to be an injury to the

trees, because of the spaces which are not and cannot be adequately

cultivated, so that the ground around the trees is apt to become

compacted either by the run of water or the lack of cultivation, or

both. Our observation has been that Irish potatoes are no more injurious

than other crops. Any crop will injure young trees if it takes moisture

they ought to have or interferes with good cultivation of the land.

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