Sunflowers And Soy Beans

I would like information concerning cultivation, method of feeding and

food value of soy beans. Also sunflowers.

Soy beans are grown like other beans, in rows which, for convenience in

field culture, should be about 2 1/2 feet apart and cultivated up to

blooming time at least. They should be sown after frost danger is over

and the weather is settled warm, for they enjoy heat. For feeding they

can be made into hay before maturity, or the beans can be matured and

prepared for feeding by grinding. As with other beans, small amounts

should be used in connection with other feeds. They are a rich food and

somewhat heavy on the digestion. The same is true of sunflowers, except

that the seed is richer in oil than in protein, as beans are. Sunflowers

in field culture are planted and cultivated like beans. The seed is

flailed out of the heads after they lie for a time to dry.

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