Sugar Beets And Silage

Will sugar beets keep in a silo and how sugar beets rank as a hog feed?

Sugar beets would probably keep all right if stored in a silo just as

they might if kept in any other receptacle, but it is not necessary to

store beets for stock-feeding in this State. They can be taken from the

field, or from piles made under open sheds in which the beets may be put

because more convenient for feeding than to take them from the field in

the rainy season. Beets put whole into a silo would not make silage. For

that purpose they would need to be reduced to a pulp, but there is no

object in going to the expense of that operation where beets will keep

so well in their natural condition and where there is no hard freezing

to injure them. Beet pulp silage is made from beets which are put

through a pulping process for the purpose of extraction of the sugar

and, therefore, best pulp silage is only made in connection with

beet-sugar factories and is a by-product thereof which is proving of

large value for feeding purposes.

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