Sub-varieties Of California Barley

Can you tell where I can buy seed of varieties of California six-rowed

barley, described as "pallidum" and "coerulescens," and what the seed

will cost?

No one knows where the six-rowed barley, known as "common" barley in

this State, came from, nor when it came. It has been here since the

early days and it has naturally shown a disposition to vary, so that it

is quite possible to select a number of types from any large field, of

it. These variations have been studied to some extent by Eastern

students who are endeavoring to develop American types of barley for

brewing purposes as likely to be better than the brewing varieties which

are famous in Europe. In Europe brewing barleys are chiefly two-rowed.

Under California conditions the plant is able to develop just as good

brewing grains on a six-rowed basis, and this seems to be a commendable

trait in the way of multiplying the product. The names "pallidum" and

"coerulescens" indicate two of these varieties recognized by Eastern

students. It is not possible at this time to get even a pound of

selected grain true to this type, and no one knows when it will be

worked out to available quantities.

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