Spineless Cactus

There seems to be two distinct kinds of cactus: One for forage, the

other for fruit. It is claimed by some people that the spineless cactus

is more valuable as a forage plant than alfalfa. What is your opinion?

There are many varieties of smooth cacti. Some of them bear higher

quality fruit than others, and some are freer growers and bear a greater

amount of leaf substance for forage purposes; therefore, varieties are

being developed which are superior for fruit or for forage, as the case

may be. Spineless cactus is in no way comparable with alfalfa, either in

nutritive content or in value of crop, providing you have land and water

which will produce a good product of alfalfa. Cactus is for lands which

are in an entirely different class and which are not capable of alfalfa


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