I have heard of a Russian grain called "Speltz" or "Emmer." Can I raise

it successfully and, if so, what is the very best time of year to sow

some for the best crop obtainable? Can it be sown in the fall, say

November? Would springtime be a better time to sow it on soil that is

very soft in winter?

If your land yields good crops of wheat or barley or oats, you have

little to expect from speltz or emmer. This is a grain generally

considered inferior to those just mentioned and advocated for conditions

under which the better known grains do not do well. It is hardy against

drought and frost, particularly the latter, and is, therefore, chiefly

grown in the extreme north of Europe. It may be sown in the fall or in

the spring in places where rains are late and carry the plant to


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