Sorghums For Seed

Which sorghum is the most profitable to plant for the seed only White

Egyptian, Brawn Egyptian or Yellow Mila?

Which sorghum is best is apparently a local question and governed by

local conditions to a certain extent. Egyptian corn (with the goose-neck

stem) has held more popularity in your part of the Sacramento than

elsewhere, while Kaffir corn (holding its head upright, as do many other

sorghums) has been for years very popular in the San Joaquin. In the

Imperial valley Dwarf Milo is chiefly grown for a seed crop shattering

and bird invasion are very important. G. W. Dairs of the San Joaquin

valley, says there is a very great difference in the different varieties

regarding waste from the blackbird. The ordinary white Egyptian corn is

very easily shelled, and the birds waste many times more of the grain

than they eat, after it has become thoroughly ripe. The Milo maize, or

red Egyptian corn, does not shell nearly so easily as the white corn,

and the grain is considerably harder and less attractive to the

blackbirds. In fact, blackbirds will not work in a field of this variety

of corn if there is any white corn in the vicinity to be had. The dwarf

Milo maize yields much more crop than the white Egyptian corn, or any

other variety. Blackbirds do not damage the white Kaffir corn to the

extent they do the ordinary white Egyptian corn.

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