Soil Suitable For Fruits

I am sending samples of soil in which there are apricots and prunes

growing, and ask you to examine it with reference to its suitability for

other fruits. Will lemons thrive in this soil?

It is not necessary to have analysis of the soil. If you find by

experience that apricot and prune trees are doing well, it is a

demonstration of its suitability for the orange, so far as soil is

concerned. The same would also be a demonstration for soil suitability

for the lemon because the lemon is always grown on orange root. The

thing to be determined is whether the temperature conditions suit the

lemon and whether you have an irrigation supply available, because

citrus fruits, being evergreen, require about fifty per cent more

moisture than deciduous fruits, and they are not grown successfully

anywhere in this State without irrigation, except, possibly, on land

with underflow. The matter to determine then is the surety of suitable

temperatures and water supply.

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