Soil And Situation For Oranges

Is it absolutely essential that orange trees be planted on a southern

slope, or will they thrive as well on any slope? What is the minimum

depth of soil required for orange trees? How can I tell whether the soil

is good for oranges?

Orange trees are grown successfully on all slopes, although in

particular localities certain exposures may be decidedly best, as must

be learned by local observation. How shallow a soil will suit orange

trees depends upon how water and fertilizer are applied; on a shallow

soil more fertilizer and more frequent use of water in smaller

quantities. Any soil which has grown good grain crops may be used for

orange growing if the moisture supply is never too scant and any excess

is currently disposed of by good drainage. There can be no arbitrary

rule either for exposure, depth or texture of soils, because oranges are

being successfully grown on medium loam to heavy clay loam, providing

the moisture supply is kept right.

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