Smutty Sorghum

The various plantings of Egyptian corn on the ranch have turned smutty,

very much after the manner of wheat and barley. Is there any unusual

reason for this, or could irrigation have caused it, and what is the

best method of preventing it?

Sorghum is affected by a smut similar to that of other grains. It is due

to the introduction of the germ of the disease which comes with the use

of smutty seed. Possibly the growth of the smut may have been promoted

by moisture arising from soil rendered very wet by irrigation, and for

this plant free irrigation should not be used, because it will do more

with less water than any other plant we are growing, and is likely to be

more thrifty in a drier atmosphere. Get seed for next year from an

absolutely clean field; get as much growth as you can without

irrigation, and then use water in moderate quantities as may be

necessary, followed by a cultivation for the drying of the surface.

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