Sheep And Goat Manure

I can buy goat manure from an inclosure where this is deposited to an

amount of about five carloads. Will goat manure be of great value in

fertilizing an orchard? If so, how much of it should be spread an an


Accumulations of sheep and goat manure in a dry situation, that is,

where not leached out by heavy rainfall, have been found to run as high

as $13 per ton in fertilizing constituents. The average would, however,

be not above $7.50, and would depend not only upon the unleached

condition of the material but upon the amount of sand mixed with it. If

it is in a situation where sand blows very freely, it might not be worth

over $4 or $5 per ton, possibly not that much. You have, therefore, to

deal with a condition largely unknown. So far as its fertilizing quality

goes, however, it is freely available and directly calculated to

stimulate the growth of plants, and probably four or five tons could be

used to the acre without injury if well distributed over the surface of

the land. Application can be made at any time of the year, for the

drying will not injure it. It will not, however, become available until

the soil is sufficiently moist to carry its contents to the roots of the

plants. Under ordinary conditions in California, application should be

made just before the beginning of the rainy season.

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