Seed Farm Refuse As A Fertilizer

Would cleanings from sweet peas or all kinds of seeds grown on a seed

farm be of any value as a fertilizer on sandy loam soil for an orchard?

This has been in a pile for three years or more, and I can get it for

the hauling. There are a hundred loads or more of it and not very far to


It would be worth more on a heavy soil, because the danger of drying out

would be less and the surety of reduction to humus greater. To get the

highest value from such stuff it should be composted with water and

turning in heaps, but that would occasion expense beyond value probably,

unless it could be composted with manure for market garden purposes. The

hauling might be good work for idle teams. Spread the stuff rather

thinly to be covered in with fall plowing, so that its decay could be

promoted during the rainy season.

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