Rhubarb Rotting

I have planted rhubarb roots in the San Joaquin valley and find the root

crowns rot below the surface.

The old-fashioned summer rhubarb usually goes off that way in very hot

localities. If there is too much alkali or hardpan, or if planted too

late, the same results will be had with any sort of rhubarb. Where it is

very hot, plants, irrigated in the morning near the plants, scald at the

crown and die in a few days. If irrigated in the afternoon and the

ground worked before it gets hot the next day fine results are obtained.

The winter rhubarb varieties do well in hot districts if the roots are

planted from September 15 to May 1, while in cooler sections, April,

May, June and July are the best months and will insure a crop the

following winter.

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