Results Of Fertilizing Olives

We have 100 acres in olives about six miles northeast of Rialto in San

Bernardino county. In 1908 we got about five tons from the 100 acres. We

began fertilizing and cultivating in 1909, and have put on the 100 acres

about the same amount of fertilizer each year. In 1909 we got 15 tons;

in 1910, 116 tons, and 1911 is estimated at 325 to 350 tons.

It is important that your olive trees are responding to good treatment

and fertilization. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be always the

case and a good many olive trees have been made into firewood because

nothing seemed to bring them into satisfactory bearing. Good bearing

olive trees are now among the very best of our horticultural properties,

while non-bearing olive trees are worth about $7 a cord for fire wood.

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