Renewing Peach Orchard

Which is the best way to renew an old peach orchard? The trees are about

18 years old, Muirs and Fosters, and are yielding good crops, but some

of the trees show decline. Is it best to replace the old ones with new

trees or to plant a new orchard in between the old trees and cut out old

ones when new trees are three or four years old?

If the trees have sound bodies and are not badly injured by sunburn

borers, do none of the things you mention, but would cut back for a new

head. Cutting back should be done during the latter half of the dormant

period and thinning of shoots to proper balance a new head should be

carefully done the following winter. It is a hard job to get young trees

to start among old trees and you are apt to get a mixed lot of trees

which you will not be proud of. Cut back as suggested or rip out, plow

deeply and start anew, placing the rows midway between the old rows.

Will He Have Peaches?

I have a young orchard between five and six years old, mostly of the

Lovell variety. I didn't have much of a crop this year. Should I have a

good crop next year?

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