Proper Feeding Of Young Pigs

If I put two 50-pound shoats to an acre of barley that will yield 10 or

12 sacks of grain, how many months could they be kept there to

advantage, and what gain could I expect them to make in that time?

If the pigs have been properly fed and were of good stock, they should

have attained a weight of 50 pounds at three or four months of age. Pigs

in this condition would be more likely to lose than gain turned on a dry

barley field, even if the yield were double what you state. Barley is an

excellent fattener for mature hogs, but is a poor food for young growing

pigs. Young pigs should have a balanced ration, which may be defined as

a little of almost all kinds of feed and not all of any one kind. We

have pigs running on a barley field such as you describe, and in

addition to the barley we feed them once a day a slop composed of wheat

middling and bran in equal parts by measurement, to which we add about 8

per cent tankage, and they seem to be moving along nicely. Without the

slop we don't think they would hold their own. - Chas. Goodman.

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