Pear Problems

Kindly let me know the advisability of grafting Bartlett pears onto

apple trees. In replanting pears in young orchard, how would it do to

take rooted pear suckers, graft the Bartlett on them, and save the cost

of nursery stock? Last year my five-year-old Bartlett orchard was full

of blossoms, but, though many pears became as large as white beans, the

majority of them dropped.

The pear and apple do not make a good union. The grafts may grow for a

while, but finally fail. Do not use suckers as stocks. You can dig up

some year roots and use them as starters by making root-grafts with

Bartlett scions and do better than with suckers, but a good pear

seedling is the proper thing either for budding or root grafting. Unless

you have some experience in such work, it will be cheaper in the end to

buy good nursery trees. The nonbearing of your young trees is probably

due to their youth and vigor.

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