Peaches On Apricot

I have a three-year-old peach orchard grafted or budded on apricot

roots, and interspersed through the orchard are young apricot trees,

from half-inch to inch and a half in diameter, which sprang from the

root, the peach bud or graft having died. I budded these over to peaches

in summer, but the buds all died for some cause. What is now the best

course to transform them into peach trees? If a graft, what form of

graft, and approximately when should it be made?

You can graft peach scions into the apricot sprouts by taking the peach

scions of the varieties you desire while the tree is perfectly dormant,

keeping them in a cool place and putting in the grafts just as the buds

are beginning to swell on the apricot stock. The scions can be buried in

the earth in the shade of a fence or building, selecting a place,

however, which is moist enough and yet where the water does not gather.

The ordinary form of top grafting in stems an inch or more in diameter

will work well. The half-inch stems can be whip-grafted successfully.

You will have to wax well and see that the wax coating is kept sound

until the growth starts.

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