Peach Planting In Alfalfa Sod

Is it advisable to plant canning peaches in April, and will I gain time

in growth and development? I want to set out eight acres in Tuscans or

Phillips on deep rich soil near Yuba City. I have a pumping plant and

can irrigate. The land has been in alfalfa for several years. I have in

mind setting out trees without disturbing the alfalfa - until next

plowing season. Do you think it advisable to use commercial fertilizer

on ten-year-old Muirs?

Planting the best canning peaches on good peach soil near Yuba City

seems to be about the safest line of fruit investment which can be

undertaken. We doubt that you can get much growth from trees planted in

an old stand of alfalfa without some effort to kill out the plant which

now occupies the ground. Still, by deep digging, throwing out all the

alfalfa roots and thorough hoeing during the growing season and keeping

the alfalfa mowers from sawing off the tops of them, the trees may make

a good start. As the alfalfa will have to be irrigated, April may not be

too late to start the trees, providing you can find nursery stock which

is still quite dormant. Probably ten-year-old peach trees will be very

much improved by commercial fertilizers.

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