Peach Budding

Which is easier with the peach, grafting or budding?

The peach is rather a difficult tree to graft, and budding, on the other

hand, is quite easy. You can bud into new shoots of this season's growth

in July, and, if necessary, you can improve the slipping of the bark by

irrigation a few days before budding. Buds can also be successfully

placed in June in the old bark of the peach, providing it is not too

old. For this select well-matured buds from the larger shoots and use

rather a larger shield than in working into new shoots. When the buds

are seen to have taken, the top growth beyond it can be reduced

gradually and some new growth forced on the buds the same season, if the

sap flow continues as it might be expected to do on young trees well

cared for.

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