Open-front Chicken Houses

In what direction shall I face open-front poultry houses?

North or northeast is the proper direction to face the open fronts of

poultry houses and coops in the Pacific Coast climate. The prevailing

winds are from the south and southeast in the winter, and from the west

and southwest in the summer. The occasional north winds or "northers,"

may be called dry winds, in fact, are an indication of dry weather, and

so do not harm the fowls even when cold. We like the upper half of the

north-end or slide of our poultry houses open with inch-mesh covering

the open space and the eaves extending several inches as a protection.

In case of an unusual storm from that direction, one thickness of burlap

may be tacked to the edge of the extending eaves, and to the lower part

of the opening. This will admit plenty of fresh air while breaking the

force of the wind. We also have a large trap door for the use of the

fowls, in the solid lower part of the open end, and the large door, for

cleaning and sunning the house, in the west side.

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