Onions From Sets

Will onion sets planted in July grow and mature in the fall months?

Good onion sets grown during the winter and spring should be mature by

July and if planted after drying would proceed to make a full growth of

large onions if growing conditions should be right for them; that is,

the soil moist and the temperature not too high.

How Many Crops of Onion Seed?

Does the growing of onion seed exhaust adobe land, and if so, how many

years' cropping before it requires rest or fertilizing?

The growth of any seed crop, including cereal grains, of course, makes a

supreme draft upon soil fertility. How long a certain soil can stand it,

depends upon the amount of fertility it has when the draft begins. The

best rough way to tell how it is going, is to watch the growth and crop,

when moisture conditions are known to be favorable. If you get a good

growth of the plant it is still good to make the seed.

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