Nursery Stock In Young Orchard

How will it do to raise, for two or three years, a lot of orange

seedlings between the rows of young three-year-old orange trees? I see

that a nurseryman near me has done this, and his trees are more

flourishing than mine.

It can be done all right, as your own observation affirms. The superior

appearance of the trees may be due to the additional water, and

fertilizer probably, used to push the seedlings; possibly also to extra

cultivation given them. It all depends upon what policy is observed in

growing the seedlings; if something more than usual is done for their

sakes, the trees may get their share and manifest it. If not, the trees

will be robbed by the seedlings, and there is likely to be loss by both.

There is no advantage in the mere fact that both are grown; there may be

in the way they are grown. Whether there is money value in the operation

or not depends upon how many undertake it.

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