More Manure Water And Cultivation Required

I have a small place on a hillside, with brown soil about one to two

feet deep to hardpan and I am getting rather discouraged, as so many

things fail to come up and others grow so very slowly after they are up.

A neighbor planted some dahlia roots the same time I did. Only one of

mine came up and it is not in bloom yet, while several of his have been

blooming for some weeks and are ten times as large in mass of foliage as

mine with its lone stalk and one little bud on the top. Peas came up and

kept dying at the bottom with blossoms at the top tilt they were four or

five feet high, but I never could get enough peas for a mess. Can you

help me get this thing right?

Use of stable manure and water freely. Your trouble probably lies either

in the lack of plant food or of moisture in the soil. This, of course,

is supposing that you cultivate well so that the moisture you use shall

not be evaporated and the ground hardened by the process. During the

summer a good surface application of stable manure to which water can be

applied would be better than to work manure into the soil, which should

be done at the beginning of the rainy season. As your soil is so shallow

it will be well for you to stand along the side of the plant much of the

time with a bucket of water in one hand and a shovel of manure in the


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