Less Water And More Heat

What chemicals should I put into the soil to insure a good crop of

vegetables, such as tomatoes, string beans, or other over-ground

producers? Last year my tomatoes and string beans grew plentifully, but

never produced any tomatoes or beans, yet turnips and parsnips were all


Vegetables which behave like your tomatoes and string beans, making too

much growth and not enough fruit, do not need fertilization. The land is

perhaps too rich already, or you may have used too much water. Use less

water so that the plants will make a more moderate growth, and they will

be fruitful if the season is warm enough in the later part of summer.

This, of course, would be one of the drawbacks to growing tomatoes and

beans in San Francisco. Turnips and parsnips do well with less heat. You

may have to modify the San Francisco summer climate by wind screens or

glass covers.

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