Keeping Potatoes

Advise me how to keep my potatoes. What is the best way? Would a dark

room be suitable? Some people are digging holes in the ground to put

them in.

Potatoes, if properly matured and free from disease, will keep for a

considerable time in dark rooms kept as cool as possible. They must be

kept away from the reach of the moth, which is parent to the worm

producing long black strings inside of the potato. If they are

thoroughly covered with boards or sacking or straw, so as to keep the

moth from reaching the potato, they may be held for a long time in the

open air, and covering with earth, as your neighbors are doing, will be

all right until the rains come and cause decay by making the soil too

wet. The main point is to keep the tubers as cool as possible and out of

reach of the potato moth.

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