Infectious Conjunctivitis (sore Eyes)

I have several cows and heifers that are affected with sore eyes. The

disease first makes its appearance by excessive watering of the eyes;

then the center or pupil becomes white and later turns red of bloodshot.

Bathe thoroughly with the normal salt solution (teaspoon salt to 1 pint

warm water), after which place in the eye and all around the mucuous

membrane of the eye the following: Twenty-five per cent solution of

argyrol, one-half ounce; apply thoroughly once daily and keep out of the

sunlight if possible. Another treatment is: Bathe the eyes once daily

with boracic acid 1 teaspoon, water 1 pint, after which thoroughly

saturate the eyelids and eyes with 1 to 10,000 solution of bichloride of

mercury. You are dealing with a disease that will spread throughout your

herd if you do not take proper means to separate the affected from the

well ones.

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