Improving Heavy Soils

What is adobe? What kind of plants will grow best in adobe? In this

Redwood City I find clay-like soil which looks very dark and heavy. What

kind of plants will grow best in this soil?

The term adobe does not mean any particular kind of soil. It is applied

locally to clay and clay-loam soils indiscriminately. It generally

signifies the heaviest, stickiest, crackingest soil in the vicinity.

Most plants will grow well on heavy soils if they are kept from getting

too dry and too full of water. This is done by using plenty of stable

manure and other coarse stuff to make the soil more friable, which

favors aeration, drainage, root extension and plant thrift. Friability

is also promoted by the use of lime and by good tillage. The particular

soil to which you refer is a black clay loam which can be improved in

all the ways stated. It is a good soil for most flowers and vegetables

if handled as suggested. You can get hints of what does best by studying

your neighbors' earlier plantings.

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