I Have Olive Trees On First-class Land; No Pest Of Any Kind Is Apparent

The trees look healthy in every way, and average about 12 inches at the

butt and 30 feet high. They have borne fruit, but for the last three

years have not borne. I am advised to cut back to stumps, 5 or 6 feet

high, and start new tops.

Unsatisfactory olive trees may be cut back, but not to such an extent as

you mention. Thin out the branches if too thick and cut back or remove

those which interfere, but to cut back to a stump would force out a very

thick mass of brush which you would have to afterward go into and thin

out desperately. The branches which you decide to retain may be cut back

to twelve or fifteen feet from the ground. This would have the effect of

giving you plenty of new thrifty wood, which is desirable for the

fruiting of the olive, but we cannot guarantee that this treatment will

make the trees satisfactory bearers. Are you sure they are receiving

water enough? If not, give them more next summer. Also give the land a

good coat of stable manure and plow under when the land is right for the


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