I Have A Top Soil Of Rich Loam Containing Small Rocks And Pebbles

Underneath it is washed gravel, rocks, boulders, yellow sand, etc. What

is the limit as to thinness before trees will not grow, or thrive?

Orange trees are growing quite successfully on shallow soil overlying

clay where the use of water and fertilizers was carefully adjusted so as

to keep the trees supplied with just the right amount. Under such

conditions a good growth may be expected so long as this treatment is

maintained. There should be, however, not less than three feet of good

soil to make the large expenditure necessary to establish an orange

orchard permanently productive, and all the depth you can get beyond

three feet is desirable. We question the desirability of planting orange

trees even on a good soil overlying gravel, rocks or sand. Roots will

penetrate such material only a short distance usually. It is almost

impossible with such a leachy foundation to keep the surface soil

properly moistened and enriched; You are apt to lose both water and

fertilizer into the too rapid drainage.

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