Horse With Worms

What is the best remedy for a horse that has worms? I would like to

know, as I have a horse that is getting poor with this trouble.

Mix 1/2 pound pulverized and dried iron sulphate and 1/2 pound

bicarbonate of soda, and give one teaspoonful each morning until the

medicine is gone. After the last dose give the following: Turpentine, 2

ounces; fluid extract male fern, 1/2 ounce; Pearson's Creolins, 1 ounce;

raw linseed oil, 1 pint. Mix and give all at one dose. To improve the

general condition one may give artificial Carlsbad salts, 1

tablespoonful in each feed, and each dose to have added to it 3 to 5

grains arsenious acid. If plenty rock salt is allowed for horses to

lick, they will be protected against intestinal parasites to a slight

but useful degree.

Is It Mange?

We have a horse five years old that is always scratching and biting

himself as if he had mange or lice. He seems to itch more on his

shoulders and front legs than any other place. We have washed him with a

carbolic wash, also with a tea made from tobacco, but so far have been

unable to stop it. He often bites his legs below the knees until he

takes off all the hair and part of the skin. None of the other horses

are, troubled, although this horse has been troubled for three years.

Apply the following: Lysol, 1 ounce; kerosene, 4 ounces; formalin, 2

drachms; cotton seed oil, 9 ounces. Mix and apply once daily after

washing with hot sheep dip solution 10 to 100.

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