High Hardpan And Low Water

What detriment is hardpan if 14 inches below the surface and in some

places 12 inches? I have been plowing so I could set peach trees, but I

have been told that they will not grow. I would like your opinion about

it. I intended to blast holes for the trees, and the water is 30 feet

from surface. The top soil is red sandy and clay mixed, but it works

very easily.

You cannot expect much from trees on such a shallow soil

over hardpan without breaking it up, because the soil mass available to

the trees is small; also because the shallow surface layer over hardpan

will soon dry out in spite of the best cultivation, because there is no

moisture supply from below. If such a soil should be selected for fruit

trees at all, the breaking through the hardpan by dynamite or otherwise

is desirable, and irrigation will be, probably, indispensable.

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