Handling Winter Melons

Give particulars regarding harvesting, storaging, and shipment of winter

melons. How do you harvest and pack them for distant market?

There is no particular system in the handling of winter melons. They are

gathered into piles on ground where water will not gather and covered

with the trash of the vines on which they grow. They will keep for

months in this way, as our autumn temperatures do not freeze them. Other

growers collect them in open sheds shaded from sun and rain, and still

others put them into barns or shallow cellars under buildings, etc. The

melons are very durable and seem disposed to keep in any old way. The

melons are shipped in large packing cases with slat sides, or in the

smaller slat crates that are used for summer cantaloupes. No packing is

used, generally. If it seemed necessary, a little clean straw would be


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