Gypsum On Grain Land

Is there any profit in sowing gypsum on grain land, say on wheat or oat

crop? At what stage should it be applied and in what quantity?

It would have a tendency to make the surface more friable and therefore

better for moisture retention, and it could be used at the rate of 1000

pounds to the acre, broadcasted before plowing for grain. As our soils

are, however, usually well supplied with lime, there is a question

whether there would be any profit in the use of gypsum, for, aside from

lime, it contains no plant food, although it does act rather

energetically upon other coil contents. Gypsum is a tonic and not a

fertilizer from that point of view. The best way to satisfy yourself of

its effect would be to try a small area, marked so as you could note its

behavior as compared with the rest of the field.

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