Growing Sweet Potatoes

Please inform me how to keep sweet potatoes for seed; also how many

pounds it takes for one acre, and what distance apart to plant, and the

time to plant.

Sweet potatoes may be kept from sprouting by storage in a cool, dry

place. Sweet potatoes are not grown by direct cutting of the tuber as

the ordinary potato is, but the tubers are put in January or later in a

hot bed and the sprouts are taken off for planting when the ground

becomes warm and all danger of frost is over in the locality. The number

of sprouts required for an acre is from five to ten thousand, and a

bushel of small sweet potatoes will produce about two thousand sprouts

if properly handled in the hot bed, which consists in removing the

sprouts when they have attained a height of five or six inches, and in

this way the potatoes will be yielding sprouts in succession for some

time. The sprouts are planted in rows far enough apart for horse

cultivation. They are usually hilled up pretty well after starting to

grow well. They cannot be planted until the danger of frost is over, for

they are much more tender than Irish potatoes.

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