Growing Pigs On Roots And Barley

We can raise all kinds of root crops, such as carrots, sugar beets,

rutabagas, etc., and cow peas and pumpkins do wonderfully well. Will

hogs do well an that kind of diet, especially if given a little barley

with it?

The plants that you mention are good for hog feeding and can be used to

advantage with a little barley as you suggest. None of these plants are,

however, rich in protein as alfalfa and the other clovers are. The

reason why we get such a rapid and satisfactory growth of young hogs in

California is due to the fact that they are largely kept on alfalfa and

rapid growth is the product of a sufficient protein content in the

fodder. Both common field peas and cowpeas do not possess this element,

and if you can grow them they will serve as a substitute for the other

legumes, such as alfalfa. If you are feeding skim-milk, which is rich in

protein, roots and grain will go well with that.

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