Grape Vines For An Arbor

How shall I prune grape vines, viz: Tokay, Black Cornichon, Muscat,

Thompson Seedless, Rose of Peru, planted for a grape arbor?

You can grow all the vines you mention with high stumps reaching part

way or to the top of the arbor as you desire side or top shade or both.

You can also grow them with permanent side branches on the side slats of

the arbor if you desire. Each winter pruning would consist in cutting

back all the previous summer's growth to a few buds from which new canes

will grow for shade or fruiting, or you can work on the renewal system,

keeping some of these canes long for quick foliage and more fruit

perhaps and cutting some of them short to grow new wood for the

following year's service, as they often do in growing Eastern grapes.

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