Grafting Walnuts

In cleft grafting walnuts is it necessary to use scions with only a leaf

bud, or with staminate or pistillate buds? Is cutting the pith of the

scion or stock fatal to the tree?

In grafting walnuts it is usual to take shoots bearing wood buds, and

not the spurs which carry the fruit blossoms, although a part of the

graft containing also a wood bud can be used, retaining the latter.

Cutting into the pith of the scion or of the stock is not fatal, but it

is avoided because it makes a split or wound which is very hard to heal.

For this reason it is better to cut at one side of the pith in the

stock, and to cut the scion so that the slope is chiefly in the wood at

one side of the pith and not cutting a double wedge in a way to bring

the pith in the center.

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