Grafting Apple Seedlings In Place

I want to plant apple trees for home use. I have an idea to plant apple

seeds instead of trees: planting three or four seeds for each hill,

right in the place where I would grow the trees, and select the best one

to graft on. I will take seed of Bellefleurs, which are vigorous

growers. What do you think? Will the seed germinate readily and when is

the right time to plant?

Select plump, well ripened seed, keep them in damp sand until the ground

begins to get warm in January or February, according to location. But

such an undertaking will cost you vastly more in time, in labor, and

waste of land than it would to buy well-grown nursery trees budded with

the variety which you desire. Such trees would give you practically a

uniform lot of trees in your orchard while planting seedlings and

grafting afterward would give you very irregular and for the most part

unsatisfactory results - providing you get any seeds to grow at all in

the open ground, which is doubtful.

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